Privacy Policy

The company shall use confidential information of the customer based on this policy.

1. Information received by the Company

Information received by the Company to achieve the specified purpose in 【4. Purpose of using the received information】 includes the information below (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Received information").

Personal information is information of individuals defined in Article 3, Clause 15 of Law on Cyber-information Security, and especially the information below shall be considered as personal information.

  1. Address, name, date of birth, gender, occupation and other information that can distinguish specific individuals.
  2. Address, phone number, account information (email address etc.) which are used for connection with specific personal information.
  3. Hobbies, family structure, age associated with personal information and other attribute information related to individuals.
  4. Information related to customer self-certification.

2. Information collection methodology

The Company collects the information received by the customer using this website in the following ways.

  1. Ask the customer to fill in information directly on this website.
  2. Ask the customer to provide information to the Company via email, post office, text, phone, etc.
  3. Collect information when the customer uses and browses this website.

3. Management of received information

At the Company, the person in charge of managing and using the received information shall strictly manage the information received by the customer, paying close attention to the processing of the Received information and performing such operation so that there is no case of unauthorized access to personal information, loss, leak or tampering of information.

4. Purpose of use of received information

The Company uses the received information for the following purposes.

  1. To reply to the inquiry from customer via email, l, post office, text, phone, etc.
  2. Guide and provide different types of products and services, including products and services of the Company and partner companies.
  3. Survey and analyze the situation of using this website.
  4. Innovate and improve customer satisfaction with the content of our service or develop new services.
  5. Request a joint investigation, ask to participate in the event and announce the result.
  6. Submit or display Company’s or third party’s ads.
  7. Solve problems during operation of this website.

5. Provision of received information to a third party

The Company provides the received information to a third party in the following cases. In addition, in the event that the Company determines that it is necessary to provide the received information, it may provide such information after obtaining the consent of the customer.

  1. Where the Company considers it necessary to operate and provide services.
  2. Where providing to the operation entrustor or other third party to resolve customers’ inquiries, company’s inquiries to the customer, related after-sales service, etc.
  3. Where required by the court, administrative agency, supervisory agency and other public agencies to provide the received information in accordance with the law.
  4. Where the Company considers it necessary to provide information to resolve a dispute with a third party, or to ensure the rights and interests of the customer or the third party.
  5. Where providing to the third party that the Company entrusts the survey and analysis to conduct surveys and analyze the situation of using this website
  6. Where providing to the third party to send or display Company's or third party’s ads.

6. Delegation to a third party for processing received information

The company may delegate all or part of the processing of received information to the authorized entrustor within the scope necessary to achieve 【4. Purpose of using received information】. In this case, the Company thoroughly verifies whether the Transferee of the operation is the person who satisfies the criteria for selecting the entrusted party as defined by the Company and ensures the received information is managed appropriately during the contract implementation.

7. Use of "Cookies"

The customer may install whether to allow Cookie use or not. In many web browsers, the use of Cookies is automatically allowed, but browser settings can also be changed to prevent the use of Cookies.

  1. When blocking Cookie use, it is not possible to use this service normally, and advertising settings that need to use Cookie may not be displayed.
  2. The Company receives the customer’s Cookie information, advertising information and websites that visitors have viewed, or the environment used by the customer from the client's browser automatically. This is then recorded on the server to use that information in order to enhance the convenience of automatically entering the email address when logging in to this service, ensuring security for maintaining and protecting sessions, in addition to considering new services and improving advertising services or content more relevant to the customer.

8. Correction of personal information by the Company

In the event of a change in personal information that interferes with the provision of our services, the Company may change the registered personal information.

9. Management and privacy of personal information

The company securely stores all the collected information in the server in an environment that ordinary users cannot access, and makes effort to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering or leaking information.

10. Improvement and update of the Privacy Policy

The company strives to improve this Privacy Policy appropriately.

  1. The privacy policy may be changed to be compatible with changes in legislation or requirements during the business operation. The company will notify the customer in case of changes in the Privacy Policy.
  2. Before using the Company's services, please confirm the latest Privacy Policy.

11. Procedures for disclosing, modifying and terminating personal information use

The Company shall check and edit registered information at any time upon request from customer and based on verification of personal identity..

12. Management department and contact address

For any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact the following department of the Company.

FContact address of personal information officer of TAGGER CO., LTD.
TEL: +84 28 3914 0121 (9:00 to 18:00 except weekends and holidays)

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