About us


Our natures and commitment are in our name. TAGGER is a person and group who tags. What is TAG?

- Product TAG is showing trustful and new values for consumers.
- Crossed TAG is showing partnership & the team
- Playing TAG is showing our imaginations, ideas & friends.

We create trustful & new values by our ideas and imaginations with our partners. This is our commitment.

TAGGER people

So, we are TAGGER We are fair, open & clean. We have experience, preparation & imagination. This is TAGGER people.


We exist to excite the life of every single Vietnamese by creating an exciting moment which last forever as an unfogettable memory with our tagged partners.
We are so excited to excite you!


We are excited to excite your life. We believe a character you love will bring you the exciting moments and unforgettable memories because that is one of the reasons characters are born. We give life to characters and they becomes part of your life. A character is not just a popular thing, it is a brand filled with your love.
As a brand, we believe it should be loved more by more people, which will lead our characters to be always together you.
Let our characters be closer to you and each different character to bring unique and original storytelling values.
This is our licensing policy. Everything else is secondary.


Jun. 2013 Established in Vietnam as a character business company. Started licensing and merchandising business for DORAEMON and CRAYON SHIN CHAN as an exclusive licensing agent of Animation International Ltd.
Dec. 2013 First movie distribution of DORAEMON THE MOVIE 2013.
Jan. 2014 First character stage show (DORAEMON show) launched at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. First character shop (DORAEMON TOFU FACTORY) launched at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon.
Jan. 2015 Became the master licensee of TOEI ANIMATION ENTERPRISES LIMITED. Started licensing and merchandising business for One Piece and Dragon Ball Z, followed by and Dr. Slump.
Oct. 2015 (~Sep. 2017) Became the exclusive consulting agency of the WALT DISNEY COMPANY (SOUTHEAST ASIA) PTE. LIMITED.
Aug. 2016 First movie distribution of ONE PIECE THE MOVIE 2016.
Apr. 2017 First TAGGER original products launch (DORAEMON Plush Toys)
Jul. 2017 First Movie Distribution of CRAYON SHIN CHAN THE MOVIE 2017.
May 2018 DORAEMON THE MOVIE 2018 achieved a million USD sales as the first Japanese animated movie in Vietnam.
Jul. 2018 Became the master licensee of Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd. Started licensing and merchandising business for Detective Conan.
Aug. 2018 First movie distribution of CONAN THE MOVIE 2018.
Jan. 2019 Joined Japan Vietnam Festival in Ho Chi Minh City and organized the Character Street. First mystery tour event (Detective Conan Mystery Tour) launched at Japan Vietnam Festival.